Creating Images with Avid 4 Adventure

For the past 3 years I’ve been fortunate to photograph images for Avid 4 Adventure, an outdoor kids camp based out of Boulder.  This year I was able to drop in on a variety of the camps including kayaking and SUPing, climbing, mountain biking, and skate boarding.  The instructors do a great job of keeping the kids engaged, giving them activities and games to do while exploring the outdoors and teaching them new skills, while the administrative team keeps things organized planning for fun new places for the kids to go around the Boulder and Denver area.


One of the cutest conversations that sticks out in my mind with one of the kids went something like this…

Kid: “why are you taking photos?”

Me: “I’m taking photos so other kids and parents can see all the fun you guys are having and what its like to be here at camp.”

Kid: “you should take photos of us while we’re hiking, its not fun at all.  We walk sooooooo far.”

Me (while laughing): “it’s good you guys are doing stuff that’s hard, its making you stronger.”



That kid was part of an overnight camp where they did a variety of activities including hiking, obviously hiking was not her favorite part.  The activities are a great mix of challenges and excitement.  Its so cool to see their faces light up as they do activities that push them out of their comfort zone a little, like going through a wave in a kayak on the creek or mountain biking down a hill and through some water.


The instructors do a great job ensuring safety is  a priority.  When they send kids down the creek on boards or kayaks, they have two instructors waiting at the end of the run to make sure they get out safely.  They also signal to each other before starting them out to make sure everyone is ready.


I greatly enjoy being part of capturing what happens during camp, even hiking!  Avid 4 Adventure’s founder started the company with the idea to give kids a love of outdoor activity and to ensure the future caretaking of our planet.  I love that thought and am so glad I contribute to helping Avid 4 Adventure grow so they can be a positive influence on more kids!  Click on the below link to find out more about them.

Avid 4 Adventure 


September 2, 2018

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