7 Tips to Set Yourself up for Wedding Photography Success

Your wedding day is going to go by so fast, that’s why I’ve come up with these 7 tips to set yourself up for wedding photography success.  Read on to find out more about making the most of planning so you’re able to capture photographs you’ll love on your big day.


1. Plan your ceremony around the sunset.  If you’d like outdoor images in a natural setting during the most flattering time of day, schedule your ceremony time 2-3 hours before sunset.  This will give you some beautiful light to take photos in as a newly married couple after the ceremony.


2. Allow for extra time as a buffer, don’t try to cram too many things in at once.  A lot of times things don’t always go as planned but you can adjust as need be.  If you’re trying to do too many things at once, most likely some things will get missed when taking photos.  Trust your photographer and talk to them to see if they agree that you’ll be able to capture all the desired photos in the amount of time you have.


3. Don’t forget about the details.  Gather some things that are meaningful to you and set them aside for the photographer.  This could be things like: invitations, jewelry, pocket watches, your something borrowed, something blue, etc.  These detail shots work great for creating albums and they are a wonderful reminder of all those little pieces that make the day so memorable!


4. Create a timeline!  You’re day is going to fly by so chat with your photographer beforehand about a timeline.  Usually photographers will suggest a timeline to their clients.  Its important to have so you can work to make the most of your time together, creating beautiful photographs from your wedding.


5. For family photos, plan for it to take about 2-3 minutes per grouping and make sure family knows when and where they’ll be needed for portraits.  Get your maid of honor or another helper to communicate this to individual family members before the day and then remind them with an announcement on the day of.  Usually the DJ or officiant can make a quick announcement after the ceremony letting family know to stick around for photos.  That way you don’t have to track down uncle Bob at the bar and things will be more efficient so everyone has more time to have fun and party!


6. Communicate to your photographer what’s most important to you. Do you love candids of family and friends?  Are you super excited about your dress and want to show it off?  Do you want to make sure you capture romantic images with mountain views?  Make sure your photographer knows.  That way as they’re shooting they can prioritize to ensure capturing images that are meaningful to you.


7. Have fun!  Once the day starts, your only job is to have fun!  The schedule might change slightly, you might have blue skies, you might get some good luck rain…but the most important thing is marrying the one you love.  Enjoy the moment and great photos will always come from being in that state of love and joy!




September 5, 2018

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