Outdoor Portrait Engagement Session with Deanna & Jason at Mt Falcon Park

We drove up the windy road up to the west side of Mt Falcon Park.  Deanna & Jason followed behind me so they wouldn’t get lost.  To get to Mt Falcon Park the road goes through the small town of Indian Hills  and then continues up a slow windy residential area before popping out onto a ridge that overlooks the mountains to the west and Denver out to the east.


Deanna & Jason have been super busy lately, so getting them out to do a portrait session to celebrate their engagement was awesome.  I’m so glad we were able to make time to get together.  On top of planning their wedding for this coming October, they are in the process of combining their households and moving in together.  Deanna just sold her townhouse and moved to Jason’s home, now their new home together in Parker.


They were a pleasure to hang out with for this session.  Both of them are very casual people and easy to be with.  They both love going to games, baseball, football, etc.  They told me most of their photos were selfies from games, so it was fun to do something different and have a portrait session with them.


As we walked along the trail they laughed about how they were able to find their dining room table that day while unpacking and how that was a great victory.  On top of moving they are also remodeling their new home as well.  They shared the colors that they have picked out for the house and how they were unable to use their bathroom for a time while it was being remodeled.  Their life is in a steady stream of chaos at the moment but its going to be wonderful when its all done.


Deanna & Jason, thanks for getting together with me last week.  I had a wonderful time hearing about your lives and taking photos of you two.  I’m so excited to see you soon in October to photograph your wedding!  I know life is a little crazy right now but looking into the future for you guys, it’s going to be wonderful once you get settled into your new home with all the fun new changes.  See you soon!



August 26, 2018

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