Boulder Bat Mitzvah Celebration with Della and Family

Recently I was able to share in photographing the Bat Mitzvah celebration for Della and her family.  Draped across Della’s shoulders was a beautiful prayer shawl that her family had found in Israel.   Also, hanging from her neck was a simple silver necklace with the star of David.   The prayer shawl was full of vibrant blue and gold colors with intricate stitching of buildings that might found in a city like Jerusalem.

The little details in a celebration like this, I find to be so moving.  They hold so much symbolism, respect and love for Judaism.  Its so cool to see the relationships celebrated in this ritual as well.  Della’s parents and both sets of grandparents watched with pride as she read portions from The Torah and sang out of the prayer book.

At one point, Della’s grandmother who was having a hard time hearing, expressed wanting to be able to hear that part of the service.  “Its just so beautiful,” she said with a huge smile and love in her eyes.  Her grandfathers both followed along in the prayer book turning to each other now and then to share thoughts.  Everyone was filled with joy to be able to be part of this coming of age ceremony for Della.



A few days after the rehearsal I met up with them again to help capture images of the party after Della’s Bat Mitzvah.  Not only was it her Bat Mitzvah but it was also her 13th birthday as well.  Friends and family gathered at the Renaissance hotel in Broomfield to share in celebration with Della.  Not long after the dancing had begun Della was raised up on a chair as the honoree in this traditional celebratory dance, followed shortly after by her mother and father.


Della, it was an honor to share in this celebration with you and your family.  I know you all had wonderful time and this will be something you remember for the rest of your life!  I’m glad I was able to be part of documenting this exciting experience, thanks for entrusting me to do so!






May 12, 2018

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  1. Lila says:

    Thanks for such great memories with your beautiful photography, Nichole. We all appreciated how invested you were in capturing the moments just right.

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