Outdoor Portrait Session with Sebastian

As we walked through the park over to the spot I had picked out earlier to photograph portraits of Sebastian, he stared at me with curious eyes.  Teresa, his mom carried him along with some of his favorite toys.  He looked at me with a face like, who are you?  But was content in his mom’s arms.  I carried my gear and some props for us to use during the shoot.  As we came up on the place I had in mind Teresa set him down and he started to fuss.


He was a good sport even if he didn’t understand exactly what we were doing.  Why would he want to leave his mom and sit alone in the grass?  That idea seemed absurd at the time.  But we gently distracted and coaxed him into some cute photos.  We even took some images as he crawled around close to his mom’s lap because that’s where he was most comfortable.

With kid portraits all dignity goes out the window.  I had an stuffed animal elephant on my head for part of these who was helping with entertaining Sebastian.  The elephant also gave out kisses to everyone, because of course that’s what elephants would do!  We blew bubbles and overall acted ridiculously, but for a good cause.


Towards the end of the session he became really intrigued with the camera and what it was doing.  He wanted to check it out and press the shutter to make that clicking noise.  He stretched his little hand out at the camera and me wanting to be closer to it.  Could we maybe have a future photographer on our hands?…could be 🙂

Teresa, it was a such a pleasure to take photos of this handsome little guy.  He’s such a cutie and is going to grow up to be a little heart breaker.  Thanks for entrusting me to capture this fun age and time in his life!





May 19, 2018

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