Lionsgate Event Center Wedding with Sabrina & Venancio in Lafayette, CO

The flower girl walked down the aisle with her basket, tossing the purple and white petals onto the walkway. She was followed by Sabrina and Venancio’s son who is a little over a year old.  He was intrigued by the petals and as he walked behind the flower girl in his little blue suit he picked them up off the ground.  Family members tucked their heads out the aisle motioning to him to continue coming their way but he got distracted by something else fun and wandered off into the grass while the flower girl walked the rest of the way by herself.


The sun shone brightly on this beautiful morning as Sabrina and her father exchanged a glance with each other smiling before they started walking down the aisle.  Venancio waited up front and took a deep breath as his bride to be walked towards him slowly.  Their officiant shared how Sabrina and Venancio worked together and how one day she asked him to join her for coffee and how that day changed the both of their lives forever.

They also shared how playing video games was one of the things they enjoyed doing together.  As we took photos after the ceremony I asked Venancio to envision his new wife kicking his butt at their favorite game.  “That would just make me want to cry”, he joked.  They looked beautiful as they smiled at each other, which was just a reflection of their inner beauty and their love for one another.

Sabrina & Venancio, it was an honor to share in this celebration.  You two are sweet and kind and have an adorable son!  I wish to you all the happiness in the world as you two journey together into marriage and the rest of your lives.  May you grow old together and love each other always.



May 5, 2018

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