Running with Love, Half Marathon in Salida

Besides my love of photography, my two other big loves are running & climbing!  I just wanted to share some of my personal life with running being one of my favorite things…

All three of us huddled around on the bed of the air b&b looking at the laptop as Courtney pulled up the course information for the half marathon we were about to do in the morning.  As you can tell, we were all super prepared as we sighed a little bit when we found out there was 1500 feet in elevation gain along the course.   We all laughed and started to set out shoes and clothes for what we were going to wear in the morning.


Courtney, Andrew & I signed up for this race months ago, with a brief thought to maybe to do the full marathon and then thought better about it and decided to sign up for the half.  It’s been years since I ran a half marathon but knew I was capable of it.  Life just sneaked up on me in weird ways these last few months and I didn’t get to train as hard as I would have liked.

At least we were all in the same boat, they hadn’t trained much either.   But that didn’t really matter, we were just excited to be doing it and be hanging out with each other.  So with a positive attitude we started the 13.1 mile run in Salida this past Saturday.  The skies were clear and the trail was dry as 250 pairs of feet set out onto the path.

Running’s always been a grounding force in my life.  It brings me into beautiful places I wouldn’t normally go on a normal day, gives me peace, and brings me together with awesome people.  Courtney and Andrew, thanks for taking this race on with me,  I’m glad it wasn’t as painful as we thought it might be.  I had a wonderful time and hope we can do more soon!


March 14, 2018

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