Couple Photos in Boulder Colorado

Couple Photos in Boulder Colorado with Stephanie and Will along the Walker Ranch Trail

Couple photos in Boulder Colorado

We choose to do couple photos for Stephanie and Will right around sunset along the Walker Ranch trail in Boulder Colorado. They wanted something scenic with an easy trail and were up for a little bit of hiking. Because of that, Walker Ranch was a great fit. One of the trails in that area is pretty flat and goes out to a nice lookout about 3/4 of a mile down from the parking lot. So its a pretty easy hike and the view at the lookout is really nice. From there you can see into Eldorado Canyon and the backside of the flatirons.

Couple Photos with Puppies

They decided to bring their puppy with them as well who was the cutest long haired dachshund. Stephanie and Will brought a pet carrier and carried her most of the way out to where we did photos. That way she didn’t get too dusty. Being a long haired dog with short legs she picks up a lot of dirt. Then on the way back she hiked with us. Stephanie and Will brought some of her favorite treats as well which is always a good idea with dogs and photo sessions. We did some couple photos with her and then some without. She was very well behaved the whole time and super cute!

Hiking During Couple Photos

This couples session was a pretty easy walk/hike so Stephanie and Will hiked most of the way in the clothes and shoes that they were planning on wearing during the portrait session. Stephanie did bring a change of shoes which we swapped a couple of times along the way. That’s one thing that is super helpful when doing sessions in more remote locations. I want my couples to be comfortable. Because if you’re comfortable, you’ll look more natural and happy in the photographs. If any hiking is involved having a set of tennis shoes to wear while walking can help keep the comfort level high. Then right before we start taking photos I have clients change into whatever other pair of shoes they would prefer to have in the photos. Also a small bag is a good idea to help carry the shoes and anything else that you might need.

Thanks Stephanie and Will

Stephanie and Will, thanks for entrusting me to capture these engagement couple photos with the two of you and your pup. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed adventuring around Boulder with you that evening. I’m so excited to meet up with you again later on for your wedding. I hope you’re doing well. See you soon!

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September 17, 2021

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