Estes Park Portrait Photographer

Estes Park Portrait Photographer with Roy and Desirae along the Peak to Peak Highway

I love being an Estes Park portrait photographer. There are so many beautiful places around this area in the mountains. Roy and Desirae came to me wanting to do some portraits in the mountains and they also love the area around Estes Park. They spend a lot of time at the Wild Basin Lodge near Allenspark. So we designed an afternoon of portraits taken along the Peak to Peak Highway which connects Allenspark and Estes Park.

Recreating portraits from their wedding.

Roy shared with me that they got married in New Orleans a little while ago. During their wedding they didn’t have many photos taken. And so, for Desirae’s birthday Roy decided to surprise her with a portrait session. He couldn’t totally surprise her, because he wanted to give her some time to prepare. But I think it was still a fun surprise telling her what he had in store for day. We planned to do some portraits in their wedding attire with their family, and then also some mountain portraits afterwards.

Starting at Standley Lake and then Heading to Estes Park

We started with some photos at Standley Lake around Denver so Roy & Desirae’s family members didn’t have to travel very far. Then they picked up their dog, who was the ring bearer during their wedding and we headed up towards Allenspark. Being an Estes Park portrait photographer, I’ve been lucky to capture images in some stunningly beautiful places. This day was no exception. We were able to capture a variety of photos including: beautiful mountain views, portraits around the Chapel on the Rock, and images around Mary’s Lake in Estes Park.

Being an Estes Park Portrait Photographer means accepting weather as another guest

Being an Estes Park Portrait photographer, you have to ready for all types of weather. In this area of the mountains it changes rapidly and constantly. As we were driving towards Allenspark, it started to pour rain and I thought I might have to use some of the emergency umbrellas I keep in the car, just in case. It turned out that we actually got pretty lucky. The skies cleared just as we started getting ready for our first mountain portraits. Then the rest of the afternoon was beautiful with some scattered clouds.

Thanks Roy & Desirae!

Roy & Desirae, thank you so much for entrusting me and inviting me to capture these portraits for you. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and your super cute pup. Thanks for adventuring with me along some rocks and the lake shore to catch some beautiful views. I hope you two are doing well. Much love to you both!

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August 29, 2020

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