5 Things to Look for in a wedding photographer?

What Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer? Check out these Thoughts…

Things to look for in a wedding photographer - behind the scenes with Nichole Emerson

Today on the blog I want to share some things to look for in a wedding photographer. I’ll go over 5 big concepts and then some other questions you might want to ask photographers as you interview people. There are a lot of choices, especially in Colorado. So first off, where should you look?

If you’re reading this, you probably already started your search. But if you’re still looking here are some suggestions. Friends and family are a great resource. Those people who recently got married or know someone who recently got married can tell you if they loved their photographer and who that was. Besides that here are some other spots to look: Pinterest, Google Maps, Instagram, Facebook, The Knot, Wedding Blogs and Publications. So what should you think about now that you have some good candidates?

1. Personality

Personality is a big one. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person on your wedding day and they’re going to be very close to you. So you need to think about what kind of personality you want and if you feel comfortable around them.

To give you an example, this is my personality and philosophy on a wedding day. I want things to look natural so I don’t overly pose people or stage things. For most of the day I’m quiet and respectful acting mostly like a fly on the wall capturing moments as they unfold. But I understand the need to be directive and loud when organizing groups for family photos. And for portraits, I like to keep things light and fun while being a guide. I’m a very easy going person. I’ll talk my couples through the experience by giving them things to do or talk about. I want to give them some direction to help them look their best, but not too much that they can’t relax and be themselves.

2. Style

There are a lot of different types of photography styles. You don’t really need to know them all to be able to know which one resonates with you. Mainly you just need to know that you like their work. Check out their website and portfolio. Do you like what you see? Do you want to see more? If you want to see more images, ask them. A lot of photographers will share a full wedding with you if there isn’t one listed on their site. That’s a great way to see what their work is like from start to finish.

Things to look for in a wedding photographer - sample ceremony image

3. Do they offer the services you want?

What would you like to take away from the day? Do you want prints, albums, or just the digital files? Are you interested in having 2 photographers on your day or maybe a photographer and a videographer? Whatever it is, make sure to think about what’s important to you and then ask them if they offer those services. Or if you’re not sure what you need, ask them for advice. A lot of times by just having a conversation and learning a little more about a couple, I can make suggestions. Things like how many photographers would be a good fit and approximately the amount of hours of coverage they might need.

4. Turnaround time

Things to look for in a wedding photographer should also include their turnaround time for processing and delivering your images. Editing a wedding takes time. There are a lot of images to go through, but different photographers have different processing times. Its good to know how long its going to take and how those images will be delivered to you. Depending on the photographer it could be anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks. Another question related to the delivery of images might be, on average about how many photos do they deliver with their final product? For example with me I usually deliver on average about 100 images an hour.

5. What’s their pricing structure like?

Some things to consider when thinking about pricing might include: Do they charge extra for the rights to use the images for things like print or social media. Do they charge for travel? What all does their package or pricing include? Do they charge a retainer to hold your date in their calendar?

With most weddings now being shot digitally, its pretty common that your wedding photography package includes the digital files. But sometimes depending on the photographer that can mean different things. Just check with them about how they operate and what their pricing includes.

What to look for in a photographer - portrait sample

What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer – Other Misc Questions You Might want to Ask

How many weddings have they shot?

This question will give you a good idea of their experience. Its nice to have a wedding photographer that is well versed in a lot of different wedding scenarios.

What happens if they get sick?

Its always good to know their back up plan. This should be listed somewhere in your contract that you sign with them.

How many other events will you photograph that weekend?

This is good to know too. Because you want someone who is going to give you the attention and expertise you deserve. Sometimes when photographing multiple weddings it can take a lot out of you. As a rule for myself, I don’t do more than 2 weddings in a weekend.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this helps as you’re searching for a wedding photographer. Have fun with your planning! Interested in reading what others have to say about how to find a great wedding photographer? Check out this article from the Knot. https://www.theknot.com/content/wedding-photography-getting-started

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June 12, 2020

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  1. You made a good point when you explained that it is important to think about what is important to you when you are trying to hire a wedding photographer. I would think that it would be a good idea to find a photographer that has editing software that makes your pictures look better after they are taken. I would think that you would want your wedding photos to look as perfect as possible.

  2. Daisy James says:

    I found it very helpful when you said to look at their portfolio and website. My cousin was at my house last night for dinner, and she talked about how she decided it would be a good idea to hire a photographer for her wedding coming up next month, so she wants to make sure she finds the right one to hire. I’ll pass these tips along to her so she can know how to find the right photographer.

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