Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at 3m Curve with Selena and Hank

Selena and Hank wanted to elope and do a Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding with their close family. They came out to Colorado from Florida. Their plan was to have a day to just celebrate them and their marriage, take some photographs in Rocky Mountain National Park, and then do a larger celebration later on with their friends and family in Florida.

They decided to not do an actual ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park. They went to the courthouse beforehand to make it official and mostly wanted to do a portrait session in an amazing location afterwards. So they choose Rocky Mountain National Park as their portrait session destination. Because of that our options were more open in terms of places to go. When doing an official Rocky Mountain National Park wedding ceremony you need to have it in one of their designated areas. If you’re coming to the park for more of a portrait session, you have more options and can choose to visit different areas in the park to take photographs. We had a few spots in mind but because of the weather, our plans changed.

Weather is always a guest at your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

If you’re doing a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or portrait session you have to be ready for all kinds of weather. This elopement was in October. At the time we didn’t have a ton of snow yet, but the wind was crazy that day! This is definitely in my top 10 of most challenging photo shoots due to the weather. But it was also really gratifying seeing the photos we created.

It was cold. In most areas of the park about 20 degree weather. And we had winds of 40mph. Initially we started around Moraine Park which is this really beautiful valley. We all just laughed through some moments because the wind was so crazy it was hard not to. At one point, I positioned them so the wind was blowing into their face so we weren’t fighting so much hair in the face but it was intense.

Exploring in different areas through Rocky Mountain National Park

We didn’t stay long at Moraine Park and soon searched for a better location. We had thought about doing the short hike up to Dream Lake so we headed up that way to see what it was like. From Moraine Park to the Bear Lake trailhead which takes you to Dream Lake, the elevation changes. Not a ton, but enough for the temperature to really drop.

We decided doing the hike around Dream Lake was off the table but hiking around Bear Lake might be nice. The wind was quieter here except right out on the lake. It was snowy and cold but a little easier to manage. We took breaks in between snapping photographs to huddle in jackets and gloves to warm up. These two were great sports and braved the weather well, especially being from Florida!

Stumbling Across 3m Curve

Finding this spot at 3m Curve was a happy accident. I came to the park a little early before meeting them to scout out some areas. With the wind being so harsh I looked for some backup locations for us and found 3m Curve. We came here after spending some time around Bear Lake.

My favorite images from this Rocky Mountain National Park wedding are from this area called 3m Curve. There are beautiful views, its easy to get to, and it has a few different unique rock formations. For some reason this area was a little more sheltered from the wind that day. And we were able to create some beautiful wedding photos in a more comfortable environment. Being able to be flexible when you’re in nature and there’s no indoor back up plan is a must. Selena and Hank were definitely flexible. They wanted beautiful wedding photos but were well aware of our limitations with the weather.

Thanks Selena & Hank

Selena & Hank, thanks so much for sharing this moment in your lives with me and for being such troopers with the weather! Its always fun to explore in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was challenging but also super rewarding. You two are so cute together and I’m glad I was able to create some memories for you in such a special place. Stay warm in Florida. I wish you two more adventures in fun places as husband and wife, hopefully in warmer locations :). Much love to you two and congrats again!

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April 14, 2020

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