Colorado Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Planning a Colorado rustic wedding and looking for some inspiration?  I love photographing Colorado mountain weddings and find that they often have rustic wedding themes.  This blog post is full of photos I’ve captured over the last couple years that show off examples of real wedding decorations and details.  Hopefully this gives you some Colorado rustic wedding inspiration and sparks ideas for your own wedding.

floral arrangement for rustic mountain wedding


Wood Accents

Wood is a widely used medium for Colorado rustic weddings.  Certainly its a beautiful medium and can be applied in so many ways and in a variety of different colors!  For instance, here is a list of thoughts on how to use wood in the details of your wedding:

  • ceremony and reception signs
  • card boxes
  • centerpiece decorations, with or without bark
  • cake toppers
  • small labels
  • ring holders
  • way-finding signs
  • signs down the ceremony aisle
  • Stacked boxes to hold desserts or decorations
  • frames



Barrels can be used as decoration but also as small tables.  Firstly, you could use barrels as decorations in the front of the ceremony aisle holding flower arrangements.  Similarly, I’ve seen these being used for table tops to hold items at the reception like a guest book or a DIY photo booth with a Polaroid.

Pine Cones & Aspen Greenery

Pine cones and aspen greenery give a nice touch to a Colorado rustic wedding.  They always remind me of being out in the forest and can be incorporated in so many places.  Here is a list of ways you might be able to use pine cones and aspen greenery for your Colorado rustic wedding:

  • cake toppers
  • table centerpieces
  • mixed in with table assignment signs
  • floral bouquets
  • draped over chairs
  • decoration for signage
  • floral hair pins
  • aisle decorations



Burlap, Lace & Jute Twine

Another good resource is burlap, lace and jute twine.  They are a good fit for decorating a wedding with a Colorado rustic theme.  Because of their neutral tones they go well with a lot of other different colors.  I’ve seen them used in floral bouquets & boutonnieres, as well as table runners and small pennant flag banners.


Bottles & Jars

Bottles & jars are another fun rustic detail.  In addition to using them for decoration, think about using them for functionality too.  I took photos for a couple who did their wedding at a farm and all the glassware that the bar used for the wedding was mason jars.  Another couple that I took photos for, had a love for whiskey so they used different whiskey bottles as vases for their table centerpieces at the reception.



Finally, I want to share one more rustic wedding idea.  It’s actually from my own wedding.  My husband and I did a lot of DIY projects for our wedding and one of my favorites was our “heart garland”.  This goes back to the idea of using jute twine.  We used the twine in combination with paper hearts and made long strands that we then hung from trees in our reception area.  I kept them and still have them as decoration in our home.  They bring a smile to my face.

Well I hope this helps with some fun ideas while your planning your Colorado rustic wedding.  If you’re doing some DIY projects of your own, here are some helpful resources for decorations.  EtsyWayfairThe Knot Shop


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March 24, 2019

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