Marina Village Wedding with Amanda & Phil in San Diego, California

The ceremony for Amanda and Phil’s wedding at the Marina Village looked out into Mission Bay with a backdrop of sailboats and blue water in this iconic spot in San Diego, California.  As their officiant spoke, one part of the service stuck out to me.


He said Amanda and Phil had a sort of code with each other when one of them was having a bad day.  Something like 20/80, meaning I only have 20% to give today can you come the rest of the 80% for me?  I thought this was such a unique and cool way to communicate with each other.

Its so true that with partnerships some days one person leans on the other a little more and on other days the balance of the scale changes to reciprocate.


As I listened to their ceremony and watched the way they interacted with each other, honesty was definitely a value that was high on their list of importance.  I’m a huge fan of authenticity and this stuck with me as something pretty awesome.

Both of their fathers are musicians, this was a fun and unique part of the wedding.  Amanda’s dad played the saxophone while their guests mingled over cocktails and appetizers.  Later on Phil’s dad got on stage to sing with his band so Amanda and her father could have their dance together.


Phil even got up on stage to sing a song for his new wife.  He had a beautiful voice singing to Amanda as she smiled at him from across the room.  This family on both sides were very musically inclined and it was so cool to see those gifts as part of the reception.

Amanda and Phil, thanks for including me in your big day!  It was such an honor to get a glimpse into your lives and capture all the fun moments with your friends and family.  You two are wonderful together!  I wish you much love and happiness as you start this new chapter in your lives!





August 13, 2018

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