Denver City Park Pavilion Wedding with Charles & Alison

Sounds of laughter and mingling filled the reception area as friends and family gathered in the Denver City Park Pavilion to celebrate the wedding of Charles & Alison.  Clink clink clink, sounded through the pavilion as silverware clanked against glass to get everyone’s attention.  One of Charles’s groomsmen stood up to start things off.


The wedding had a very casual atmosphere.  No specific toasts were planned, but so many people stood up to talk about Charles and Alison.  On both sides friends & family shared how much they loved and respected these two and how happy they were for them, including brothers, friends from college, and grandparents.


As the reception continued on people spread out around the venue.  Just outside the covered area of the pavilion there was a wide open grassy area that looked out over the lake.  A couple of the flower girls ran back and forth across the green with Charles and Alison’s two dogs who happily chased each other and the children.


The sky was blue and the weather was clear.  I walked with Charles and Alison through the park under old beautiful trees that arched over the walkway making for a lovely green frame around the two of them.  Their life was about to change pretty drastically in the coming weeks.  Charles got an offer for a professorship on the east coast which he accepted.  Right after the wedding they were making the move from Arizona.  A lot of exciting changes this summer!


Charles & Alison, thanks for entrusting me to capture your big day.  I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of your celebration.  You two were so sweet and easy going.  I hope you enjoyed your trip to Colorado.  Have a wonderful time getting settled into your new home on the east coast.  I wish you much happiness as you start this new chapter in your lives!










June 29, 2018

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