5 Fun and Creative Ideas For Things to Give to Your Wedding Guests

Are you brainstorming about gift ideas to give to your wedding guests?  Or just trying to think of something sweet for them that will make their experience enjoyable?  Over the many weddings I’ve been to I’ve seen some fun ideas and just wanted to share with you all.  Hope this helps you with some fresh thoughts to find or create something that celebrates your love story and delights your friends and family!


1. Mason Jars – This was a cute idea from Erin & Alan’s wedding last year.  It functioned in a dual purpose way.  The mason jars were their cocktail glass for the evening and also at the end of the night guests took them home as their gift.  The mason jars were simple and they have so many uses.  This idea was so practical and a fun way to remember the wedding!

 2. Blankets for Outdoor Receptions – Colorado is a beautiful place and a  wonderful spot for outdoor receptions, but sometimes it can get chilly when the sun goes down, even in the summer.  Putting a basket of blankets out for your guests is a nice touch to keep them warm while their celebrating with you.


 3. Flip Flops on the Dance Floor – Have you ever bought new shoes for a nice occasion only to find out that they are actually torture devices?  This was a cute idea from a recent couple.  They put flip flops on the table where the DJ was set up to encourage more people to dance even if their feet were killing them.

 4. Music for Your Guests to Take Home – For my own wedding, my husband and I made a mixed tape of sorts of our favorite songs for people.  We did it on CDs which cracks me up because who actually owns a CD player anymore? This gift idea could be adapted to a different medium, maybe emailing guests the mp3 file or uploading it to YouTube. It was a fun way for us to share some of our favorite things with our friends and family.


 5. Favorite Trails or Places to Visit A lot of people will be from different places and not always familiar with the area around where the wedding will take place. Do you have a favorite trail with an epic view at the end of the hike that you would suggest? Or favorite places that would be fun to check out while they’re in town?  You could make a map with recommendations like this on your wedding website or your invitations.  This allows you to share with others something personal about the place that you love that might also be a delightful outing that they would enjoy.

June 3, 2018

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