Engagement Portrait Session at Standley Lake with Matt & Hannah

The wind was blowing like crazy as Matt, Hannah and I walked along the trails of Standley Lake for their engagement portrait session.  Tucked in my jacket pocket was a colorful bracelet made of pipe cleaners that formed a flower on one side.  I suggested bringing something of significance from their relationship to our shoot.  Matt gave me the pipe cleaner bracelet as we started out and they both told me about how Hannah had made it when they first started dating and gave it to Matt as a gift.

From the little time I got to know these two the pipe cleaner bracelet, playful and sweet, seemed to be fitting for their relationship.  Matt and Hannah met through some mutual friends and actually were roommates before they started dating.  They both saw something in each other but waited till they moved and weren’t living together to see where their relationship would take them.


As I snapped the shutter, the beautiful late afternoon light light bounced off of Hannah’s lovely blue hair and gave Standley lake a dreamy feel with the mountains off in the distance.  Although the wind was blowing strong these two were happy and excited to be outside for their shoot.  We had a great time as they told me details about their love story and about their lives.

Matt popped the question when they were on a trip to New York City.  They laughed at how everyone on that trip but Hannah knew what was going to happen that day.  “It took her a few moments to say yes,” said Matt.  Hannah told me he just caught her by surprise and at the time she was at a loss for words, but it all worked out well!



Matt & Hannah, thanks for sharing a little bit of your lives with me and for braving the cold and wind.  You two were so light-hearted and fun.  I enjoyed hearing about how you two met, who was the messiest, and who farted the most :).  Thanks for trusting me to capture this special moment in your lives!  Much love to you two!!







April 11, 2018

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