10 Tips for Creating a DIY Bride Emergency Kit

With so many details going into one day its easy for something to not quite go as planned.  Usually the joy of the day outweighs any hiccups.  Getting married to the love of your life is really what matters, but it never hurts to have a few things to help the day run smoother just in case.  Here are 10 key things to include in a bride emergency kit, whether your preparing this for yourself or for a friend as a gift.


1. Waterproof Mascara – Just in case no one remembers to bring this.  Emotions run high on wedding days and waterproof mascara is your best friend to keep yourself looking beautiful while teary moments happen throughout the day.

2. Small First Aid Kit – Make sure you cover the big 3, pain, allergy, indigestion.  Pain killers are great in case someone has a killer headache or perhaps they had a little too much fun the night before.  Allergies can happen quickly and cause havoc, especially in Colorado during the summer and fall when there is a ton of pollen in the air.  Indigestion can happen especially when you’re nervous so something to help with this is good to have just in case.


3. Dryer sheets & White Chalk – Deodorant stains are hard to get out on dark colors but dryer sheets are a great trick to make them go away, just rub them across the stain and it will come right out.  As the bride if you get something on your dress, usually you can use a little white chalk to mask the stain for the day and no one will notice the difference.

4. Needle & Thread – Having a small sew kit with a needle and some thread is good to have for any clothing mishaps anyone in the bridal party might have.

201706-4041-Margaret and Joe

5. Q-tips & Makeup Remover – Have a little makeup oops?…keep q-tips and makeup remover around for an easy fix.

6. Baby Powder – Help keep yourself dry and comfortable when its hot outside and emotions are running high.

7. Snacks – Some easy to pack snacks are great to have one hand.  People are going to get hungry and with a lot of running around its easy to forget to eat.

8. Tampons & Panty Liners – Even if you’re sure you won’t need them, its always a good thing to have just in case, and most likely someone in your group will use it.

201706-1669-Cindy & Brian

9. Extra Undergarments in White or Cream Colors – On my wedding day I accidentally wore all my light colored underwear and had a pair of red panties which were the only ones I could find.  Of course you could see them through the white dress and had a small freak out moment.  My sister came to my rescue with a new extra pair she had stashed away.

10. A Small Toiletry Bag – Just in case someone forgets one of these key getting ready items: deodorant, razor, dental floss, toothbrush & toothpaste, lotion, bobby pins & hair ties, tweezers, nail clippers.

Hope this helps to keep the day running smoothly!  To all those planning weddings right now, have fun with it!!



February 28, 2018

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