Newborn Portrait Session with Brooklyn McGrath

I knocked on the door, excited for my newborn portrait session with Brooklyn, now 1 month old, little newbie to the world.  The door opened and Natalie’s mom greeted me and welcomed me into their home.  The noise of a baby crying carried down the hall along with the sound of a dog barking.  I was soon welcomed by the furry member of their family, their 12 year old pit bull, Vito.  As I set up a small studio on their dining room table the Vito the pit bull watched me closely sniffing the props and equipment I had brought in and assessing whether or not I was a threat.  I seemed to pass the test.

I looked up and Natalie came walking down the hall with a tiny girl in her arms who was rocking a sweet mohawk.  She voiced a little content grunt as she looked up at us with bright greyish blue eyes.  After picking out some options for outfits and getting her cleaned up, Natalie slipped a little onesie with red roses over her head.  She started to fuss and cry a little bit and then the dog started to bark again.  Anytime Brooklyn would cry the Vito would bark.  It was so sweet to see an old furry member of their family so protective of this new little one.  It was clear that this was his new baby and no one should mess with her.  He was a very sweet protective gentle noisy giant.

With her being born right before Christmas we had some fun with touches of red and green.  We were also able to capture some sweet sleeping moments where she looked like a little angle.  I was so surprised that at only 1 month old she could already hold her head up.  Natalie mentioned that she also loved attention from the people around her and that of course she was going to be a Steelers fan.

Natalie, thanks so much for inviting me into your home for this fun photo shoot.   It was great to meet Brooklyn.  She is going to be one strong little lady with lots of character!  It will be fun to see her grow as she develops more of a personality each day.  Much love to you and Luke with your new parenting adventure.

January 17, 2018

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