Boulder Outdoor Family Portrait Session

We walked in the door greeted by a beaming smile from Julie, she bounced around in her dad’s arms and looked at us with wide eyes.  The fresh snow kicked off from our boots started to melt in the doorway.  Craig and I took off our shoes and sat down in their living room as they finished getting ready.  Will, Julie’s Dad picked out some layers for her to wear for our photo shoot and dug through a basket of clothes and toys searching to find an adorable knit purple hat.  Will passed the hat to Craig and asked if he would help put it on.  He started to situate it on Julie’s head and her face instantly changed from smiley to distraught.  She started crying.  We quickly took off the hat and started laughing between all of us.


Carola, Julie’s mom walked down the hall and greeted us as we put on the finishing touches with Julie.  Christmas decorations hung around the house along with a package of jingle bells that were on a side table.  “Can we bring some jingle bells with us?” I asked Carola, as I jingled them in front of Julie.  Carola looked at me with a warm smile, “Sure!”.


As we started to walk outside, Carola put the knit purple hat on Julie’s head again.  With mom being the one to do it, she didn’t seem to mind so much now.  The air was crisp and cold.  We walked along the path to a nearby park being careful not to slip on the icy surface.  Craig and I picked out a place in the park earlier that morning where we could see the Flatirons in the distance.  As we came to that spot, we looked up and saw the Flatirons, covered in snow behind us.  They looked like the perfect backdrop for a family Christmas card.


Will & Carola bounced Julie up and down, gave her kisses and snuggled with her as I snapped the shutter.  Craig stood behind me grabbing Julie’s attention from time to time with jingle bells, toys and smiles.  You could sense the joy in Will & Carola’s heart with their new little one.  Their first daughter, now 7 months old.


January 3, 2018

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